Mehendi is an integral part of any ceremony. It is essential to get ready, whether for marriage or Ramzan, Eid or any other function. The festival seems colourless without the hue of Mehendi. It not only beautifies one’s hand or feet, but also it makes one feel good. It adds a spark to their way of decorating themselves. Today’s article shows the list of beautiful special Ramzan mehndi designs and pictures.


In this article, we have listed below some special Ramzan mehndi designs for this festive season 2022 you must try.

1.净图案Ramzan Mehndi设计:

In Mehendi design, the net pattern is quite popular. There is a look of completeness in the net pattern, and if it is twisted with a violet colour, nothing can be better than that. Violet is the colour of sophistication. It is the colour of royalty. This design is mainly done on feet, but it can also be done on palms. The smaller dots begin on foot, and as the design proceeds, the net with more purple dots makes it unique. A floral motif is used at the end, which is also very eye-catching. It is an Arabic pattern of Mehandi design.

2. Ramzan的Tajmahal的Mehndi设计:

泰姬陵是美丽的象征。金沙真人探球平台它也是纯洁的象征,拉姆赞是人们以非常纯洁的心庆祝的节日。从Shah Jahan的日子到今天,它引起了我们的复杂设计的关注。像泰姬陵一样,设计也很复杂。腕部设计的设计具有类似于泰姬陵的设计的图案。为此,它很容易引起人们的注意。人们通常更喜欢增强自己美丽并吸引他人注意力的设计。金沙真人探球平台它代表一种特定的文化,代表了习俗的荣耀。

3. Eid或Ramzan的Mehndi设计:

Sometimes we prefer to have Mehendi in both of our hands. Some girls like to have different designs on two palms, and some prefer to have the same design. For them, ‘Kalkas’ are preferable. Kalka with webbed structure give the design a complete look. Various curves and perfection make the design look attractive. There is a particular pattern in this design. One half of the ‘Kalka’ is placed in one hand, and the other half is placed in another. So, when one places both of her hand’s side by side, she will be able to see the completeness of the design.

4.印度新娘复杂的Ramzan Mehndi设计:

婚姻Mehendi模式与其他类型的Mehendi不同。在结婚期间,每个人都试图拥有一些皇家的Mehendi。但是在Ramzan期间,人们可以使用这种特殊的Mehendi。因为这也是一个特别的节日。在此设计中,手头完成了孔雀羽毛。它具有吸引人的外观。在脚上,为此使用了螺旋设计。“ Kalkas”是手脚完成的。当手和脚并排放置时,会发现网状外观。它还提供了完整而有趣的外观。



This is one of the most common used Mehendi designs. It is suited perfectly for modern ladies. It is because it gives a unique look at first glance. This design has a lot of void on the backside of the hand, which the common Arabic designs do not consist of. It shows a sense of creativity of the artists, which modern ladies prefer and easily catches the attention of the spectators. Now, girls prefer to have a less complicated design. As it has all the features, it is very famous.

6. Back Hand Floral Mehandi Designs For Ramzan:

想知道另一种美丽的Mehendi设计吗?金沙真人探球平台这是花卉指甲花。这个特殊的设计分为三半。上半年由一朵花和接下来的两半芒果组成。在阿拉伯指甲花设计中,我们有花朵,叶子和静脉。我们在这个设计中找到了所有这些。这两个手指充满了这种设计,其余两个部分则充满了设计。第一根手指保持空。我们不使用任何设计。这是最简单的Mehendi设计之一。 One can easily do it. So, it is quite popular, and the ones who are not very good Mehendi artists prefer to do this design. It is not at all time-consuming.

7. Mehndi Design Of Flowers For Ramzan:

All of us love flowers. We want to decorate our house with flowers. Even we like to wear ornaments of flowers. It provides a natural look. But we have to remove it after a certain period. It is because it loses its glory after a certain period. When one chooses various designs for Mehendi, if she gets a design of flowers, then nothing could be better than that. This pattern is very elegant. Flower designs give a unique look to one’s hand or feet. The shading and filling at places are so beautiful that one can’t resist doing it.


新月形符号在Ramzan月份很重要。它对穆斯林产生了特别的呼吁。这是启蒙的象征。它是一个有助于一个人从黑暗转变为光线的符号。这种信念激发了穆斯林在Ramzan期间具有这种特殊的设计。在此设计中,新月的月亮是用各种“ kalkas”完成的,也在月球上方完成。一种宗教信仰与之相关。他们认为,如果一个人做了这种特殊的设计,她的财富将是好的。每个人都想在他们的生活中发挥好运。


9. Ramzan的聪明新月Mehendi设计:

Another unique innovation of Mehendi artists! The crescent moon is not present here. But the carving line is present, which makes one feel that the auspicious moon of Ramzan is present in her hand. It makes her feel good. The veins, floral montage and veins nonetheless bring out the richness of the design. The design is very idealistic. We prefer the idealistic design on very special occasions, and there can be nothing more special than this particular festival, which is the celebration of the moon. Having a moon in one’s hand with a unique touch or the line of the crescent moon makes it awesome.







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