Birds are part of our natural eco-system and help in many processes, such as pollination that help plants grow. Many types of birds can be classified based on size, weight, mannerisms, etc. Birds are warm-blooded with beautiful feathers, wings, and lay eggs. Many scientists believe theropod dinosaurs are the ones from where birds evolved and have 10000 species of birds worldwide. Every year 20% of birds migrate over long distances.


Birds have many characteristic features, such as a four-chambered heart, warmblood, skeletal backbone that are similar to other animals. But some features are unique only to birds. Some of them are:

  • Wings:虽然所有的鸟类都有翅膀,而不是每只鸟飞。鸟类的尸体是以这样的方式设计的,使得他们的手臂曲线抬起和强大的胸部肌肉。
  • Feathers:角蛋白是材料;羽毛是由钉子和头发类似的。它们也被用来为我们的身体提供温暖,女性使用它们来吸引他们的伴侣。
  • Beak:鸟类本身没有牙齿,但沿着喙的侧面锋利的边缘。任何鸟的面部中心的骨骼结构被称为颌骨或也称为票据。
  • Eggs:鸟类以几种颜色的蛋形式生育鸡蛋的少数人,这取决于物种。鸟类构建巢以保护其鸡蛋主要由粘液层制成的钙壳。
  • 骨骼:Birds have lightweight frames with hollow bones that help them fly quickly since they are light. Birds have rigid bones compared to other mammals.




1. Toucan:

In this list of birds, the toucan is one of the beautiful beast bird which belongs to a family of Ramphastidae. This family is closely related to American barbets. The name of this bird is from Portuguese. Toucans mass ranges between 130 g -680 g, and its length lie in between 11.5 inches to 29 inches. Their bodies are short, and size is comparable to crow. Its tail is rounded and varies in length to the whole body. Its wings are small, and the neck is thick and short. These birds travel only short distances as they are forest-dwelling birds. Its tongue varies from 14-15 cm, which is a narrow and grey color. It understands the taste and is sensitive to it.

Toucan’s lives in subtropical and tropical regions and are a native of Central America, Southern Mexico, the northern portion of the Caribbean region and South America. As they are arboreal, they lay white eggs from 2-21. These are generally found in pairs. Toucans are omnivores, and their prey includes fruits, insects, and small lizards.




The smallest species of kingfisher is African dwarf kingfisher, a mass average of 10.4 g and length is 10 cm. The largest kingfisher is a giant kingfisher, its mass average being 355 g and 45 cm in length. The plumage of most kingfishers is bright, in blue and green. Kingfishers have a long, dagger-like bill that is used for hunting fish and prey off the ground.




They have the flexibility of changing their angle between wingtip bones and forelimbs to alter the shape and area by maximizing their efficiency and maneuverability. The birds even rotate their wings from the base. They live on all continents, majorly on oceanic islands. They weigh from 5.4 g- 184 g and measure from 9 cm- 25 cm. in length. The nests of these birds are glued to a vertical surface with saliva. Eggs hatch after 19-23 days and leave within six to eight weeks. Both parents incubate these birds.

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4. Parrots:



5. HummingBird:

Hummingbird is a small bird and a family member of Trochilidae. And its scientific name is also Trochilidae. These are the smallest birds, which range from 7.5 to 13 cm. These are well known as hummingbirds because when their wings flap, a humming sound is created. They can fly in all directions.


6. Columbidae:

Doves and pigeons are family members of Columbidae. There are about 310 species of doves available. These are considered as symbols of love. They weigh about 900 g-2.1 kg. The length of their body ranges for adult male 55 cm, 70 cm for western crowned pigeon, and 13-15 cm for the dwarf. The clutch size is about only 1. Its prey includes seed or fruit. They live mostly in tropical nature and woodlands and are adjustable to any environment. Both parents do incubation. Male birds make woo-hoo sounds to indicate they are single.


It is a family member of Bucerotidae. These are mostly found in subtropical Asia, Africa, and Melanesia. Mass of hornbill is up to 6.2 kg, and the length of the body is between 1 ft- 3 ft 11 inches. There are about 55 species. They are omnivores, eat fruits and insects. This kind of bird has clutches that contain about six to eight white eggs. During the whole period of nesting, the male brings 24000 fruits for females. A specific feature of this bird is they have eyelashes.


8. Rallidae:

Rallidae belongs to a cosmopolitan family of small to medium-sized birds. This family includes crakes, gallinules, and coots. These are mostly found in terrestrial habitat. These are especially fond of dense vegetation. Their length of the body is from 12 cm to 63 cm, and mass is about 20 g to 3000 g. These have long necks, and they later get compressed. These are flightless during the molt period. They lay about 5 to 10 eggs. Clutches have about 15 eggs. They depend on their parents for around one month.

9. Spoonbill:


10 Bee-Eater:


11. Grebe:

The scientific name of grebe is Podicipedidae. It belongs to a family of Podicipediformes. These birds generally dive in freshwater, and some visit sea during migration in winter. There are about 22 species and six in general. Its mass varies from about 1.7 kg to 120 grams, and body length varies from 23.5 cm to 71 cm. Their primary source of food is fish, and they catch them by diving in open water.


The scientific name of Guineafowl is Numididae and classified into the higher classification of Galliformes. This bird native is in Africa. Guineafowl has a dark grey and blackish plumage with dense spots. It measures from 40-71 cm in length, and mass consists of 700-1600 grams. These are found in sub-Saharan Africa. Generally, they feed on insects. But Guineafowl becomes prey for humans in some places in Africa and Italy. Their eggs are more precious than chicken eggs.





15. Penguins:

The scientific name of the penguin is Spheniscidae. It belongs to afamily of Sphenisciformes。在水中,它可以以6-9公里/小时的速度潜水。它的体重约为38kg,高度从物种相应地变化;对于一只小企鹅,49厘米的Galapagos Penguin和1.1-1.3米为皇帝企鹅的33厘米。企鹅的最大寿命为20年。这是我们经常看到的另一个类型的鸟类类型。

16. Swallows:

The scientific name of a swallow is Hirundinidae. The species found in this family are 83. They breed across the world except in Antarctica. They migrate to different places in the world. These are insectivorous. Swallow speed is about 30-40 km/h. Mass of the body for an adult is about 10-60 g. Its body length is 10-24 cm. The clutch size is 4-5. The incubation period is shared between species.

17. Passerine:

The scientific name is Passeriformes. A distinctive feature of this bird is an arrangement of toes three pointing forward and another one back. It has more than 110 families. Its weight exceeds 1.5 kg and 70 cm in length. Chicks of passerines are blind, helpless, and featherless. Clutches contain a single egg.


The scientific name is Ardeidae. This beautiful bird belongs to the classification of Pelecaniformes. So far, recognized species are 64 in the world. The height of the heron is 1.2-1.5 cm. Its wingspan length is 40-58 cm. Mass of heron is 4-5 kg and differs according to species. These are carnivores. They form an umbrella-like canopy to hunt. Their prey includes fishes and crabs etc. They even take peas, grains, corn, etc. rarely. They lay three to seven eggs. Both parents take incubation.




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The scientific name of albatross is Diomedeidae. It was classified under a higher classification of Procellariiformes. They range in the Southern Ocean and North Pacific. Wingspan reaches up to 12 feet. They feed on crustaceans, fish and cephalopods, and garbage. Sometimes they take even zooplankton. They lay a single egg with white reddish spots on it. Each egg weighs 200 to 510 g. They breed every 18 months. This kind of bird creates nests with the help of grass, shrubs, peat, soil, and penguin feathers. Both birds take incubation. Chick will be brooded and guarded for three weeks. It can survive for up to 50 years.


In the wild bird’s names, the cuckoo is one, and its scientific name is Cuculidae. It is classified under a higher classification of Cuculiformes. There are about 54 species of cuckoo. Cuckoos are mostly found in Asia, Australia, Africa, and Europe. They inhibit areas such as meadows, fields, and marshes. Sometimes it even appears in alpine regions. The length of cuckoo reaches 12.6 to 14.1 and weighs up to 2.1 ounces. Males and females can be identified based on their color. Cuckoo feeds on caterpillars and insects. It lays usually lays 12 -22 eggs per season. The life span of the cuckoo is six years. Generally, cuckoo stays in Africa for nine months, but it never sings. It’s the male cuckoo that sings for us.

22. Peafowl:


The crest is seen atop the head of both sexes. The plumage of peafowl is a mixture of brown, green, and dull grey. Through vocalization, it attracts peahens. Peafowl is omnivores. They eat flower petals, parts of plants, seed heads, and insects. Even reptiles, arthropods, and amphibians are taken. These are also domesticated. The family of peafowl is called Bevy. They can fly very high despite their massive trains. Even white peafowls can be spotted.

23. Eagle:

In the list of common birds, eagle in one which belongs to a family of Accipitridae. Almost 60 species of eagles are from Africa and Eurasia. Even 14 species are found from Central, South America, North America, and Australia. Eagles are known as significant powerfully birds of prey with massive head and beak. Most eagles are larger than vultures. Eyes of eagles are powerful; it has 3.6 times human acuity for marital eagle. Eagles nest are called eyries and are built on high cliffs and tall trees.

他们撒上两个鸡蛋,被称为世界各地的顶级掠食者,其体重根据它们的物种而变化。老鹰常被分为四类:Harpy老鹰,靴子老鹰,蛇鹰和鱼鹰。Harpy Eagles在热带地区捕猎。


24. Moa:

Moa是一只灭绝的新西兰鸟。MoA的科学名称是Dinornithidae。它在尺寸的分类下进行分类。它有两种名为Dionrnis强大的大型物种,Dinoris Novaezelandiae。它的高度达到约3.6米,颈部伸出。每个MOA的重量可以为230千克。这些是食草动物。MoA的独特性是曾经吞下过Gizzard Stones。这些石头是光滑的。MOA蛋尺寸范围为120-240毫米,4.7至9.4厘米。 The male Moa does incubation.



40 Different Species of Birds:

  • 昼夜猛禽:


  • 水禽鸟:

鸭子、天鹅和鹅are some of the popular waterfowl birds that belong to the order of Anseriformes, and these usually are found in freshwater ponds. Anatidae, Anhimidae and Anseranatidae are the three families you can find in this order. Some of the examples of these birds are wood duck, Canada goose, mandarin duck.

  • 蜂鸟和快速:

Apodiformes is the order to which hummingbirds and swifts belong to. Aegothelidae, Hemiprocnidae, Apodidae and Trochilidae are the families that are prominent in this order. Some of the examples of these birds are Amethyst Woodstar, Andean Emerald, Black Inca.

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  • Kiwis & Extinct Birds:

Kiwis are unique species that you can only find in the area of Newzealand and Australia. They belong to the order of Apterygiformes, and most of the birds are extinct. Southern brown kiwi, Great spotted kiwi, little spotted kiwi, Okarito kiwi and North Island brown kiwi are the five birds you can find in this group.

  • 犀鸟和鸦片:

Hornbills and hoopoes belong to the order of Bucerotiformes. Bucerotidar, phoeniculidae, bucorvidae and upupidae are the four families that belong I this order. African Grey Hornbill, Red-billed Hornbill, Pied Hornbill, Sri Lanka grey hornbill are some of the examples.

  • 夜生鹰,Frogmouths&Oilbirds:

汽车,蟆口鸱Oilbirds家庭s of birds that belong to the order of Caprimulgiformes out of which nightjars are the biggest family. You can find it all over the world except Antarctica. Oilbird, Wallace’s owlet-nightjar, Mountain owlet-nightjar, Tawny frogmouth, Gould’s frogmouth are some of the examples of these types of birds.

  • Siemas:


  • Emus & Cassowaries:

There are two flightless terrestrial bird families that belong to the order of Casuariiformes, Emus and Cassowaries that are especially native to Australia. Few living species of this order are Cassowary, Casuarius unappendiculatus, Casuarius benneti, Emu.

  • Shorebirds:

Shoebirds belong to the order of Charadriiformes that have around 350 species in it with characteristics common among them. Some of the birds that belong to the shoebird species are considered endangered. Some of the birds in these species are Razorbill, Horned puffin, Crested auklet, The piping plover.

  • 鹳,苍鹭和秃鹰:

Storks, Herons and Vultures belong to the order of Ciconiiformes. These are either aquatic birds or birds that live near the water with distinct features. Great blue heron, Cattle egret, Snowy egret, Shoebill are some of the examples of the species.

  • mousebirds:

There are only six species of Mousebirds that belong to the order of Coliiformes that you can find in sub-Saharan Africa. Chestnut-backed mousebird, Bar-breasted mousebirds, White-backed mousebird, Blue-naped mousebird, Red-faced mousebird, White-headed mousebird are the names of the six species.

  • 鸽子和dodos:

Both the living and extinct鸽子种类and dodos belong to the order Columbiformes. You can easily recognize these birds anywhere because of their distinctive features. Laughing dove, Diamond dove, Passenger pigeon, Dodo are some of the examples of these species.

  • 翠鸟,滚筒和蜂鸟:


  • Cuckoos,Roadrunners&Koels:

One of the famous order of birds is Cuculiformes since it has cuckoos which are considered parasitic along with Koels and Roadrunners. Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Chestnut-breasted Malkoha, Greater Ani, Dwarf Cuckoo are some of the examples of these birds.

  • Kagus & Sunbitterns:

Kagus and sunbitterns are the only living species in the order of Eurypygiformes, and many others are extinct. Some of the species are Kagu, Eurypyga, Sunbittern, Eurypyga.

  • Falcons:

隼形目鸟类的顺序规范ies that are best known for their predatory skills, Falcons being the prominent ones. Some of the examples of this order are Peregrine falcon, Black Caracas, Common kestrel, Crested Caracara.

  • Chickens & Turkeys:

Chickens and Turkeys are the species in the diverse group of birds that belong to the order of Galliformes. Black grouse, Malleefowl, Wild turkey, Orange-footed Scrubfowl are some of the examples.

  • 抢购:

There are five bird species in the order of Gaviiformes that are also called Loons. You can find them in the aquatic sources as they have difficulty moving on land. Yellow-billed loon, Red-throated loon, Common loon, Pacific loon, Arctic loon are some of the best examples in the species.

  • Cranes & Rails:

Cranes and Rails are the prevalent species in the order of Gruiformes that are known for their size and other features. Some of the examples are Sandhill crane, Australian crane, Demoiselle crane, Courlan, or limpkin.

  • Cuckoo Rollers:

Cuckoo Rollers are the only species in the order of Leptosomiformes. Typically you can find these birds in Madagascar and Comoro Islands.

  • 塞斯特:


  • Turacos & Plantain Eaters:

Turacos and plantain eaters are the two birds that belong to the order of Musophagiformes. The unique thing about this order is that it has pigments of a copper base in their feathers with a crest on their heads.

  • Hoatzins:

Hoatzins are the birds that have blue, bare faces that belong to the order of Opisthocomiformes. There is a crest resembling a fan on the head of this herbivores bird.

  • 埃斯特拉德斯:


  • 栖息鸟:

Passeriformes is considered the most significant bird order that has Perching birds in them. With strong muscles in their voice box and specific 12 tail feathers making them unique. Asian fairy-bluebird, Oriental Skylark, and Long-tailed tit are some of the examples.

  • 鹈鹕和护卫舰鸟:


  • Tropicbirds:

Tropicbirds, as the name suggests, can be found in the tropical regions that have sea birds that belong to the order Phaethontiformes. Red-tailed tropicbird, White-tailed tropicbird, and Red-billed tropicbird are the only three birds found in this order.

  • Flamingoes:


  • 啄木鸟:

Piciformes是啄木鸟属于强大的颌骨的命令。令人毛骨悚然的啄木鸟,Moustached Puffbird,Northern Flicker和Brown Jacamar是此订单的例子。

  • Grebes:


  • Albatrosses & Petrels:

Albatrosses and Petrels are the types of sea birds that come out onto the land only for breeding, that belong to the order of Procellariiformes. Some of the examples of these species are Peruvian diving petrel, Laysan albatross, Shy albatross, and Black-capped petrel.

  • 鹦鹉:


  • Sandgrouses:

桑格斯是一种沙漠鸟类,是Pteroclidiformes订单的一部分。斑点Sandgrouse,西藏Sandgrouse,Lichtenstein Sandgrouse和黑面桑德罗斯是其中一些例子。

  • Rheas or Nandus:



  • 企鹅:

企鹅是在南半球发现的不旺鸟,属于SphenisceSes。Gentoo Penguin,Penguin和Galapagos Penguin是您在世界上可以找到的18种企鹅类型的一些例子。

  • Owls:


  • 鸵鸟:

鸵鸟是属于The Order Struthiforees的唯一鸟类。这些物种的一些例子是阿拉伯鸵鸟(灭绝),北非鸵鸟和马塞鸵鸟。

  • 鲣鸟和gannets:

The unification of sea birds that nest in a group like Gannets and Boobies belong to the order Suliformes. Australasian gannet, Red-footed booby, Adams booby, and Masked booby are the examples.

  • Tinamous:

Tinamous are chicken-like birds that prefer to stay on the ground belonging to the order Tinamiformes. Some of the examples of this species are Hooded tinamou, white-throated tinamou, Chilean tinamou, dwarf tinamou, and Barred tinamou.

  • Trogons&Quetzals:

Trogons and Quetzals are the types of birds that live in warmer places belonging to an order of Trogoniformes. Resplendent Quetzal, Narina trogon, Cuban trogon, Pavonine Quetzal, Red-naped trogon, and Mountain Trogon are some of the bird examples in this order.


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  • 伟大的印度鸟旗。
  • 森林猫头鹰。
  • 红发秃鹰。
  • Jerdon’s courser.
  • Spoon-billed sandpiper.




Ans:Ostrich that is commonly found in Africa is considered a giant bird in the world. They weigh as much as two humans, which is nearly 63 to 145 kg, whereas males weigh 156 kgs.

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