Not only do they act as physical barriers to your home, but some of them even enhance the overall visual appeal. In this article, we shall look into some of the different house safety door designs to help you buy nothing but the best!


Given below is a list of some simple and modern safety doors for homes and flats with images which helps you choose better.




If you don’t want to give a prison look to your home, then go for one of these unique safety door designs. The outer gate is designed to match the entrance door and make a perfect set. This way, you need to compromise on security or the overall looks of your entry point. You can even get it custom made by using similar wooden panelling and locking systems.



4. Sunmica安全门设计:



Installing safety doors for balcony is essential to secure your home from human and animal intruders. Not only that but these doors can also provide access to the outside world and allow proper ventilation inside. Depending on the size of the balcony, you can go for hinged, sliding or folding security doors to optimize the available space.

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6. Mild Steel Safety Door Design:

Mild steel or MS safety doors are corrosion resistant and highly durable. They are hard to break through and offer the highest amount of protection from vandals. The surface is powder-coated to resist accidental fires. These doors are also easy to maintain and can be designed in different sizes and patterns to cater to your unique needs.




看看这个优雅的安全门设计烧烤其中有两个目的 - 贷款美丽的入口点和保护你的财产。金沙真人探球平台该框架由具有坚固柚木和内格栅与固体金属来完成。不像有一个吓人的“监狱”喜欢看传统的安全门,这扇门看起来更欢迎你的客人!


Here is another entrance safety door design to cater to wide entrance points. The advantage of this dual door system is that you can control the entry to your guests. The central wide grill allows better light and ventilation to your home, along with lending a stylish look to the exteriors. A push handle with a lock system protects your privacy!


If you are looking for a king-size security door that also makes your entry point grand, you simply cannot go past this latest safety door design for home. The sturdiness of a regular wooden panelled door is combined with the strength of a metallic grill to secure your home like none other. You can also use this to aerate the interiors without having to compromise on your privacy.



This safety door tops the list because it has the ability to maintain a good fashion statement and at the same time, it provides your home with a very well protected environment. The upper part features a well-designed metallic grill that offers strength and stability to the door. This hinged door has a conventional bolt locking system.

12. Iron Safety Door Design For Home:

If security is your top concern, then you cannot ignore the properties of a metallic door. The gate can be attached after fitting in your door and will most definitely provide an excellent and safe environment for your home. This safety door grill for homes can be custom designed as per your choice and size of the entrance point.

13. Designer Safety Door Design:




15. Wrought Iron Safety Door Design:


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The screen doors are also a great safety door for your home. The door must be attached externally to the front or rear door to restrict access into the property. Usually, screen doors have an open grill with a clear view of the internal space. So, if you want to avoid people staring into your area, then you can cover the grill with a plastic sheet.



18. Teak Wood Safety Door With Iron Grills:





A Mesh safety door like this one offers much more than safeguarding your home. It can keep away pests and even salesmen. The ornate design on the mesh is attained using a laser-cut technology for precision. It is recommended to use this door along with a solid wood entry door to achieve dual-layered security.




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