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你可以选择多种款式的衣服。地板长度的连衣裙就是其中之一。There are many types and designs in floor length dresses according to each occasion.We can find many different materials also.If we are looking for some floor length dress designs then we are in the right place.

Latest and Different Designs of Floor Length Dresses for Ladies:

We are giving you all most modern floor length dress design,从中你可以选择你的最爱。

1。Royal Blue Color Floor Touch Gown:


The above design is a floor touch dress design in royal blue color.It is a two piece dress with embroidered top and long flower printed skirt.This dress is made of georgette material and will make your look elegant.除了刺绣,还有花边,patch work and stone work in this gown.

2.White Embroidered Dress:

这是一件白色设计师设计的女式落地连衣裙。It comes with red and green flowery embroidery and full sleeves.The dress itself looks elegant and will make you look classy.You can try it on parties and occasions.This is made of chiffon material and is fully lined.Only sleeves are of sheer white chiffon material.

3.Black Party wear Gown:

Are you looking for a black designer wear?这是一件黑色的地长裙。这是一个简单而时尚的设计与美丽的刺绣。金沙真人探球平台它有一件满袖的连衣裙,上面绣有花卉图案。It has around neck and is made of silk material.You can choose it as a party wear.

4。Floor Length Anarkali Suit:

This is a long sleeve floor length dress that you can wear for parties and functions.It is mustard color dress with lace works,拉沙姆工厂,stone work and Zari embroidery.The suit is like a jacket style dress and you can choose this 金沙真人探球平台beautiful dress with suitable accessories.这件衣服是用织锦和网料做的。

5.White Floor Length Dress:

这件白色的落地长裙设计华丽,是一件适合聚会的服装。它上面有美丽的金沙真人探球平台花卉图案,还有一个完整的袖子。这是一个坚实的设计,由聚酯材料制成。Try out this as your party wear to stand out among others.


试试这件优雅的落地式正式礼服作为你的聚会服装。It is a 金沙真人探球平台beautiful dress design with embroidered flowers on it.紧身衣和上半身也是刺绣的。绣花袖子是用纯聚酯材料制成的。You can try this variety dress design and be stylish with suitable accessories.


Red one shoulder evening dress is a good choice for you to try.It is made of polyester material and is a 金沙真人探球平台beautiful one shoulder design.It enhances your style and ruched waist design creates a stylish shape.It has a concealed zip at back side and is fully lined.Try out this red floor length dress for your next party and get noticed.

8。Peach Long Sleeve Evening Dress:

This is a variety floor length dress with sleeves design that you can prefer as your evening wear.This is a 金沙真人探球平台beautiful dress design with upper sheer lace design.袖子也采用透明蕾丝材质。This whole dress is made of polyester material with a full body lining.Wear it with silver accessories to get the look what you expected.


Are you looking for a perfect party wear?You can try this full sleeve black embroidered party wear dress.这是一件用提花制成的落地式连衣裙,net and faux georgette material.This is a suit design and you can wear this as a party wear and also suitable as a traditional wear too.The dress is decorated with 金沙真人探球平台beautiful embroidery on its sleeves and also comes with a Peter Pan collar.


This is an elegant floor length dress design for parties.This features a halter V- neck floor length open back dress.This is made of silver satin material.试试这件无袖优雅的连衣裙,因为你的派对上穿的是合适的银色或珍珠饰品来完成你的造型。

11.Floral Printed Chiffon Floor Length Dress:

试试这件无肩带的落地长袍作为你的晚礼服,并且要时髦。This is an A line dress made of floral printed chiffon material.It comes with a complete lining.The bodice designs looks simply amazing and pair it with pearl accessories to get the look you expected.如果你想的话,你也可以试穿一件套头衫。

12。Super Cute Evening Gown Design:

If you want to shine on a party try this blue satin floor length dress.这件连衣裙是一件高圆领连衣裙,腰线上系着一条闪闪发光的腰带。如果你想尝试一件简单而时尚的礼服,这件无袖晚礼服是一个完美的选择。搭配银色配饰,打造女主角造型。

13.Velvet Floor Length Anarkali:

Green velvet anarkali suit is a perfect party wears choice.这是一个优雅的选择,让你展示自己的优雅。这是用花边装饰的,embroidery and resham work.Embroidery on it looks 金沙真人探球平台beautiful.试试这件全袖天鹅绒地长裙,配上合适的配饰,保护自己的美丽。金沙真人探球平台

14。Golden Formal Evening Dress:

Try this golden floor length dress with spaghetti straps as your evening dress.这是缎子材质的,有一个前开缝。There is a flower design the waistline.这也是用亮片设计装饰的。搭配高跟鞋和银色配饰,打造得体外观。

15。Attractive Red Floor Length Dress:

你可以在正式场合和聚会上穿这件优雅的红色落地长裙。它有美丽的刺绣细节,金沙真人探球平台幻想贝托领口和帽套。Other than embroidery design there is also beads that make your dress look elegant.这是由聚酯材料,并完全内衬一个隐藏的背部拉链。

你决定了你最喜欢的设计了吗?Get your favorite one and try it for your next occasion.不要搜索很多网站来获得完美的设计。You will try some easy going floor length dresses to make your style perfect,as per your budget you can search well suitable dress for your upcoming occasions.