Food is one of the things that connects people from all walks of life. If you want to get to know a place or the cuisine, it is famous for then skip the fancy restaurants and make a place for some street food in your itinerary. India has a total of 28 states, eight union territories, and each state is a treasure cove of culture, cuisines, and traditions. It is not possible to cover all the street foods in a single article, but we picked out the top 15 street foods that give you options for munching. Check out the Indian street foods you can try and where to find them.



Aloo Bonda:

As the name suggests or otherwise known as Mangalore Aloo Bonda is readily available street food. This is a result when potatoes are mashed with some spices, coriander forming small balls, then dipping each ball into the gram flour batter and then deep fry it in oil. The result is a taste blast in your mouth. It is usually served with coconut chutney.

Kerala Fried Fish:




It is popular street food in coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh and Vijayawada. The main ingredient of this food is fermented rice batter. The batter is sometimes mixed with small sliced onions, coriander, chilies, and then deep-fried in oil. These deep-fried crispy balls taste yummy when added with tomato or coconut chutney.


It is a delicious road snack that is widely available on the streets of Tamilnadu and Kerala. The main ingredient being rice flour this snack fills up your stomach, especially in the mornings. A presser is used to push out long strands of strings similar to noodles that are steamed and served with a delicious combination of curies like avail, egg curry, and spicy fish curry too.






Kaladi Kulcha:

It is also called King of street foods in Jammu and Kashmir. It is a traditional Dogra recipe prepared with either goat milk or cow milk. The taste of this conventional roadside food is similar to cheese and paneer; the only difference being there is a sourness at the end. It is sautéed in its fat and served with a bit of salt and spices. Take a bite and enjoy the taste of this heavenly cheese.






Chole Bhature:



This is a traditional cuisine in the state of Assam that has some influence from Tibetan culture. The refreshing taste of this food is not just a snack but a complete meal in itself. It has healthy veggies like cabbage, onion, and fresh herbs and then garnished with ginger, lemongrass, and fish sauce. Shredded chicken or pork is added in a non-vegetarian version of Thukpa.

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Kathi Roll:





Eating a vada pao is a ritual if you ever visit Mumbai because this is one of the best, tasty, and instantly ready street food available in every nook and corner of aamchi Mumbai. Pao or a bun is cut in half and applied with a variety of chutneys, but coriander is the one used avidly. Salted chilies add to the spiciness of this street food, and you can’t help but reach out for one more!

Seekh Kebabs:


Top 10 Street Food Cities In India:

  • Khau Galli is one of the famous places in Mumbai best known for its food stalls available from as early as 8:30 in the morning. It is well known for malpuas, soft nans, mouth-watering kebabs.
  • 新德里的街道上一种享受,享受唇嫌Jalebis,油性paranthas,胆bhature。Chandini集市是在德里另一个地方有提供你的肚子准备的食物一行摊位。
  • Hyderabad is not only famous for a variety of Biryanis, but it also has stalls of street foods available in every nook and corner of the city. A busy center like Koti has a variety of chats, types of kulfi. Some other roadside foods are cut-Mirchi, Mirchi bajji.
  • 加尔各答是地方获得最廉价的街头食品之一。公园街道和Newmarket是的街边大排档的可用性最知名的一些地方。你可以得到辛辣的菜肴,如KATHI卷和jhalmuri和糖果一样Rosogolla和Sandesh。
  • 勒克瑙是一个城市也被认为是与纳瓦布和阿瓦迪美食的混合物的场所。这是街头食品两个素食者和肉食者一样的一个城市。一些美味佳肴kormas,galouti烤羊肉串等,但不要忘了尝试banarasi锅。
  • 瓦格赫边境和金庙是不是唯一的东西阿姆利而闻名。它是著名的街头食品,是每一个美食家的梦想成真。新鲜和热Sarson哒SAAG和makke二罗地,或dal制成,并在这样的速度,这是令人难以置信出售。添加的Lassi的玻璃的gajar KA halwa碗。非素食主义者的选择也可以如酱鸡和羊肉chaap。
  • The Municipal Market along the CG road has a non-ending menu of all varieties of Gujarati street foods like yummy Dabeli, Basundi, along with pakoras, khaman, dhokla and many more with bittersweet chutneys.
  • 难怪印多尔被认为是印度中部的美食之都。Sarafa面积是珠宝商沿着著名的美食天地。像玖瑰jamun,malpuas,rabdi和kalakand新鲜自制糖果在路边摊卖。可用一些其他点心,可以发现是kachoris,tikkis在负担得起的价格档位。
  • Simple food served in a banana leaf makes all the difference in the world! Chennai is a place where you can get dosa or uthappam topped up with coconut and ginger chutney. Tasty filter coffee, bajji’s are served hot along the beaches for you to slurp up. Mohinga, kothu parotta are some other famous snacks widely available on the streets.
  • 对于各种各样的蛋糕和糕点,你需要在西隆参观警察集市。这也是著名的momos,烤猪肉是梅加拉亚邦的饮食文化的重要组成部分。另一个被广泛食用的食品由梅加拉亚邦的当地人,你需要尝试是一个很好的卡西食品Jadoh。




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