One of the western states of India, Goa, is known for the vast coastline, beautiful beaches, last but not least, the delicious street foods that serve Goan delicacies. Goa being colonized the Portuguese showing the impact on the culture and their cuisines. Some of the popular ingredients you can find in the recipes are beef, pork, fish, and vinegar. Check out the lip-smacking street foods in Goa that will put you in a food frenzy.


Don’t miss out on these yummy street foods when you visit Goa.


Fish thali or a platter that everyone needs to try if you ever have a chance to visit Goa. Chapathis, a cup of rice, fish curry, a veggie curry, pickle, and fried fish that complete a thali. Sol curry is another option some stalls offer. Goa offers these platters in every booth that fills your stomach with the lip-smacking flavors.





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As the name suggests, the icecream is a combination of different flavored ice creams in a single serving. It is usually served in a tall glass or a plate that is topped up with jelly and noodles. Once you try Gadbad ice cream, you will never be able to work a normal one.



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Chinese food with an Indian tinge has become an essential part of street foods. There are food carts that serve Chinese and Indian snacks, satiating your hunger. Chicken chili, Schezwan fried rice, Hakka noodles, Manchow soup are some of the best Chinese dishes you must try. Try delicious food at a reasonable price that is hygienic.





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PAV Bhaji&Misal帕乌:

许多游客在果阿的孟买,和you can find stalls that sell the Mumbaikar’s favorite street food that is Pav bhaji. Miramar beach has a food corner streets that serve the best pav bhaji, pani puri, sev puri, and many other chaats. Misal pav is a nutritious dish that is served with Indian bread that can be eaten for breakfast or a tea-time snack. The curry is made up of sprouts, moth beans, and lentils, making it a healthy option.

Best Places To Find Street Foods In Goa:

  • 坎多林市场是你尝试当地的食物囤积的理想场所。貌似无辜的前瞻性坎多林市场和邻近的街道改造成美食一条街节日。国王凯恩,MONICO的海滩小屋,和迈克尔·洛沃的中心是一些突出的地方,你可以试试鸡棒棒糖,虾排,鸡蛋印章等。
  • 美丽华海滩还提供了吸引游客和本地居民的beachline档位的阵列。这些摊位是当太阳落山时开放,是开放通宵达旦。俐铁板沙威玛代表,chaat摊位,冰果拉,是一些你可以尝试的最佳菜肴。
  • 有一个每周市场马普沙开盘即位于果阿北部周五。杂货,工艺品,家居用品在市场上出售,但该周市场的亮点是果阿街头食品的缩影。Mirchi pakoda,中国菜,唐杜里,震动,使你的灵魂说味道好极了!
  • If you want to try the dried fish and seafood delicacies, Goa is famous for; then you must visit the Panjim market. You can also find stalls that sell tandoori that are open at dusk and accessible way past midnight.
  • 俐铁板沙威玛,海鲜菜肴,如鲳鱼,鲭鱼,牡蛎,蟹,蚌,仅举几例人群的最爱。
  • Madgaon junction station has many street food stalls and restaurants that serve you a budget-friendly quick bite. Kamat Milan, Atithi, shahi darbar, jameera, tanggies are some of the top customer reviewed places you must visit.



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