Did you know it was challenging to find a tattoo artist who could ink an anime tattoo just a decade ago? Yes! But with the increase in popularity and consumption of anime worldwide, there is a rise in anime tattoo designs. Although anime was first introduced in Japan, its popularity has reached globally through major streaming platforms. As a result, the anime tattoo design options are endless, whether cute and colourful or intense or monochrome.

This article has curated the best anime tattoo designs you can go through before choosing one that you love the most. Read on!


Whether you want subtle or in your face anime tattoos, we have presented you with various design options. But, first, take a look at the compilation.

1. Cute Anime Tattoo:

This cute little teddy bear can work a charm if you are into cute anime characters. The character has big and dreamy eyes, which can be compared to the Kawai art, which is pretty popular in Japanese culture. Also, the use of light orange and bubblegum pink for the ears and quarter face of the teddy makes the character look lovely. You can use the colours of your choice if you want to make the tattoo more personalised. This tattoo looks the best when engraved on the shoulder or the wrist, showing off the tattoo.

2. Anime Character Tattoos:

快乐的树的朋友是一个成年人的动画web series which achieved a cult following on many internet platforms. This tattoo is a beautiful representation of the characters from the web series. The use of bright colours for all the characters makes the tattoo look very realistic. Since there are many characters, you can get this tattoo engraved on the shoulders, chest or back.

3. Attractive Anime-Inspired Tattoos:

Japanese anime has several young boy protagonists who are popular among young girls. Although the tattoo has too much pink, it might be an attractive option. There are also bright blue stars across the heart, making the tattoo look special. You can change the way your tattoo looks by adding elements of your own.

4. Peter Griffin Anime Tattoos:

Are you a fan of Peter Griffin? If yes, this tattoo of the famous fictional character and the protagonist of the American animation sitcom Family Guy is your perfect choice. This tattoo looks beautiful and pretty realistic with the use of accurate colours. In addition, the expressions of this anime character make the tattoo look very real. You can get the tattoo on your waist, wrist or your arm.

5. Cool Anime Tattoos:

This funny tattoo is perfect if you are looking for quirky anime tattoos for your body art realm. This older man’s tattoo looks quite amusing with cute little hearts on his eyeglasses and a large moustache and beard that go with it. These types of tattoos are usually preferred by men who have a sense of humour. This tattoo looks the best on the arm, wrist and ankle.

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6. Japanese Anime Tattoo:

If you are a fan of Japanese anime, the ChibiNaruto is a popular option. This character from the Naruto series looks pretty realistic because it comes with all the elements. Although this tattoo seems the best in black ink in thick and thin lines, you can use different colours to bring out the original look. This is a perfect tattoo among fans of Naruto.

7. Minimalist Anime Tattoo:

Calcifer anime tattoo is a popular tattoo choice among people who provide warmth and power. Calcifer is a character who provides Howl’s castle with heat and power. Although this tattoo looks beautiful in black lines, you can accomplish the original anime look by using bold and vibrant colours and bold black lines. This tattoo seems perfect on the wrist, ankle and back of the neck.

8. Small Meaningful Anime Tattoos:

If you are looking for a continuous tattoo, this anime leg tattoo is excellent. One leg has a girl flying from upwards towards a cute little boy on the other leg. This tattoo looks synchronized when you bring the two logs together. The elements of both the tattoos are pretty sleek and simple and can bring joy to the wearer.

9. Taboo Tattoo Anime:

There are many countries where tattoos are usually banned because of several reasons. This is one of the anime tattoos that a person gets engraved on their arm because the wearer can cover it up with sleeves or show it off at their convenience. In addition, the use of bright and light colours in combination gives the tattoo a realistic finish.

10. Cute Pikachu Anime Tattoo Design:

Pikachu is one of the Japanese anime characters whose popularity is increasing worldwide. Therefore, original colours are used for engraving this Pikachu tattoo instead of only black ink, making the tattoo more real. So, if you are a fan of this anime character, go and get it done to show it off like the shoulder, arm or wrist.

11. Anime Sleeve Tattoo Design:

If you are looking for cute tattoos, this is the best anime tattoo usually preferred by young adult girls in love with Japanese anime series. The tattoo has a cute little girl holding her pet cat with love. In addition, the tattoo is surrounded by hearts, indicating the love between the two anime characters. This design uses bright and attractive colours, making the pattern stand out wherever you get it done.

12. Small Anime Tattoos For Couples:

Suppose you are looking for a couple of tattoos representing your love for romance and fairy-tale stories. In that case, this tattoo is the perfect solution. A girl and a boy are standing on a wooden bench with cloud background. Instead of using black ink, the tattoo uses multiple colours that give life to the entire tattoo. You can get the tattoo engraved anywhere on the body, but the best is the arm.

13. Exciting Anime Hand Tattoo:

Suppose you are looking for an anime forearm tattoo that exudes the fun and humorous side of the anime industry or your favourite anime character. In that case, this design can be an excellent option. The symbol is engraved using sharp and complimenting colours, making the tattoo design perfect addition to the body art realm. This tattoo also looks good on the leg or the calf.

14. Bleach Anime Tattoo Design:

The Bleach anime tattoo design is one anime theme’s new school tattoo style. The powerful version of Goku, Super Saiyan, is inked on the wearer with full vibrant and brilliant colours. The lined yet shaded contour highlights the added depth and dimension. This tattoo’s exaggerated facial features added energy, and muscle tone is beautifully represented. The shoulder is the perfect place to get the tattoo engraved.

15. Matching Anime Tattoo:

This is one of the best anime wrist tattoos that works exceptionally for couples. One person has a female hairstyle indicating a girl, whereas the other hand has a hairstyle similar to a man. The hairstyles look beautiful in black, but you can add streaks of colours to make them unique and stand out. This tattoo looks the best when engraved on the wrist.


Anime has been gaining popularity worldwide because of several online streaming platforms. You can personalise the Anime tattoo designs mentioned in this article by adding elements of your choice. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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