Andhra Pradesh is one of the prominent states in the southern parts of India, and you can experience the beautiful traditions and culture during festivals. The large spectrum of cultures and festivals of Andhra Pradesh make it one of the most visited states in India. Every telugite’s home is decorated with great enthusiasm during these fantastic cultural and religious festivals.

The monuments, religious landmarks, and several places in the southeastern state are mythologically and culturally significant. Let us go through this article to know more about the prominent festivals of Andhra Pradesh.

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We have listed some of the famously observed fairs and festivals of Andhra Pradesh that people celebrate with pomp and enthusiasm. To experience the vibrant culture practised in this state, plan a trip during festivals and fairs.

1. Makara Sankranthi:

Pongal or Makara Sankranthi is celebrated grandly in every part of India, but every region gives this beautiful festival a uniqueness. Makara Sankranthi is one of the popular harvest festivals of India. In Andhra Pradesh, this festival is celebrated for three days. The first day is Bhogi, during which people burn old things from their houses, getting rid of negativity. The second day is Sankranthi, where houses are decorated beautifully with rangolis and dress up in new clothes. The third day is Kanuma, where the festival culminates.

  • Key Attraction:Beautiful rangolis in front of all houses, ox decorated beautifully, Cockfights, Delicious sweet and savory dishes, Bulls race.
  • 什么时候:January.
  • Where:All over the state.
  • 节日的持续时间:3天。

2. Ugadi:

Ugadi marks the new year according to the lunisolar calendar in Hinduism, and it is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Andhra Pradesh. It is also called Gudi Padwa in some parts of the country. The speciality of this festival is that people prepare a pickle that has six tastes: sweet, spicy, two types of sour, salt, and bitter, which depict different experiences we face in life and how we should embrace them.

  • Key Attraction:Preparation of a Ugadi Pachadi (pickle), a combination of six types of tastes, Panchanga Sravanam.
  • 什么时候:March or April.
  • Where:All over Andhra Pradesh.
  • 节日的持续时间:One day.

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3. Vinayaka Chaturthi:

Ganesh Chathurthi is one of the famous festivals that is celebrated all over India. In Andhra Pradesh, this festival is also called Vinayaka Chaturthi, and it marks the birth of Lord Ganesha. On this auspicious day, people offer prayers to Ganesha with leaves, flowers. They prepare dishes like modaks and rice balls which are considered the deity’s favourite foods.

  • Key Attraction:与甘尼萨勋爵的偶像的大巨星。
  • 什么时候:八月或九月。
  • Where:All over the state, but popularly in Kanipakam, Machilipatnam.
  • 节日的持续时间:11天。

4. Tirumala Tirupathi Brahmotsavam:

Tirumala Venkateshwara temple is located in Tirupati, and the Tirumala Tirupathi Brahmotsavam is a Hindu festival celebrated in this temple every year for nine days. During the nine days of this festival, several rituals are performed for the lord. And on the ninth day, Lord Venkateshwara is taken as a procession on a palanquin. People from all over come to witness this blissful event.

  • Key Attraction:The beautiful procession of Lord Venkateshwara, where the lord is decorated each day differently, A different chariot (vahanam) is also used, making it unique.
  • 什么时候:十月。
  • Where:Tirumala.
  • 节日的持续时间:9 days.



  • Key Attraction:Beautifully decorated houses and churches, People singing religious hymns.
  • 什么时候:十二月。
  • Where:All over the state.
  • 节日的持续时间:Two days.

6. Sri Ramanavami:

Sri Rama Navami commemorates the birth anniversary of Lord Sri Rama. It also signifies the marriage of Lord Sri Rama to Sita, which is termed as Sitarama Kalyanam. On this auspicious day, people prepare many delicacies, but the prominent ones offered as Prasad are soaked moong dal and panakam.

  • Key Attraction:Kalyanamof Sri Rama and Sita.
  • 什么时候:March or April.
  • Where:Vontimitta, All over the state.
  • 节日的持续时间:One day.


Diwali is yet another festival that beautifully lights up Andhra Pradesh’s entire state. Also called the festival of lights, it is celebrated on the new moon day and is one of the most important Hindu festivals. The darkness of the moonless sky is brightened with fireworks that look magnificent. The fairs and tasty sweets are the specialities of Diwali in Andhra Pradesh.

  • Key Attraction:Brightly lit houses and firecrackers.
  • 什么时候:十月或十一月。
  • Where:All across Andhra Pradesh.
  • 节日的持续时间:One day.

8. Maha Shivaratri:

Maha Shivratri is celebrated on the night of Krishna Chaturdasi and is a festival dedicated to Lord Shiva. People fast throughout the day, visit temples in the evening, and remain awake the entire night singing devotional songs. Staying awake the whole night is called jagaran, and people perform bhajans to keep them sharp. Shivaratri is considered one of the oldest festivals of Andhra Pradesh.

  • Key Attraction:人快整整一天,湿婆神的唱歌hymns, and stay awake the whole night.
  • 什么时候:二月或三月。
  • Where:Kalahasteshwara temple, Bhramarambha Malikarjunaswamy temple.
  • 节日的持续时间:One day.

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9. Dussehra:

In the southern states of India, Dussehra is called Vijayadashami and Dasara and is celebrated for ten days. During the nine days of this festival, the goddess is dressed in different avatars, such as Lakshmi, Saraswathi, Annapurna, etc. On the tenth day, the goddess is dressed as Durga. In addition, some people have a tradition of arranging dolls in an attractive manner called “Bommala Koluvu.”

  • Key Attraction:The goddess is dressed up in different avatars for the nine days, and on the tenth day, she is decorated as Durga Devi.
  • 什么时候:September or October.
  • Where:Vijayawada。
  • 节日的持续时间:Ten days.

10. Muharram:

穆哈拉姆(Muharram)是仅次于斋月伊斯兰教的第二个美好月份。而且,穆哈拉姆(Muharram)标志着伊斯兰新年的开始,是伊斯兰日历的第一个月。在穆斯林文化中,穆哈拉姆(Muharram)成为来年新起点和新机会的门,因此在穆斯林文化中具有很高的意义。此外,这个节日纪念侯赛因·伊本·阿里(Hussein ibn Ali),穆斯林为罪的宽恕祈祷。

  • Key Attraction:Muslims gather and pray for forgiveness for their sins.
  • 什么时候:August.
  • Where:All over the state.
  • 节日的持续时间:One day.

11. Sirimanothsavam:

Srimanothsavam在安得拉邦沿海地区的Vizianagaram Pydithalli Ammavaru庙中庆祝,被认为是最重要的区域节。Sirimanu的含义是一棵大树木,在树主的允许下,祭司要求的形状雕刻而成。在Utsavam期间,雕刻的树被竖起为Sirimanu并崇拜。在节日的那天,西里马努(Sirimanu)的大游行在维齐亚纳加姆镇(Vizianagaram Town)的街道上。

  • Key Attraction:Anjali chariot, White elephant chariot, and Sirimanu phaladara.
  • 什么时候:10月至11月。
  • Where:Vizianagaram.
  • 节日的持续时间:More than ten days.

12. Rottela Panduga:

Rotiyaan Ki Eid或Rottela Panduga在Nellore的Bara Shaheed Dargah庆祝,是每年为期三天的节日。这次活动是一个由12个烈士组成的节日,其凡人遗体被埋葬在大院中,并在穆哈拉姆(Muharram)的月份庆祝。来自该国不同地区的人们参观了神社,并遵循交换Rotis的宗教实践。

  • Key Attraction:人们参观神社并交换rotis。
  • 什么时候:September.
  • Where:Barah Shaheed Dargah,内洛尔。

13. Prabhala Theertham:


Prabhala Theertham or Prabhala panduga is celebrated on the third day of the Sankranthi festival Kanuma with much enthusiasm. The winter season brings nature alive in the Konaseema region, making it a favorite tourist destination while resonating with the Telugu culture. During this festival, use bamboo to prepare prabhalu and then decorate it with colorful clothes and paper. This prabhalu is used to install the idol of Lord Shiva and visit Prabhala teertham by making a beeline to Jagganna thota. Tens of thousands of visitors throng to this place to have a marvelous experience.

  • Key Attraction:Shopping stalls, Colorful prabhalu, Crowds.
  • 什么时候:January.
  • Where:Konaseema.
  • 节日的持续时间:One day.

14. Lakshminarasimha Swamy Kalyanam, Antarvedi:


Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple位于Antarvedi,建于15和16世纪。这座寺庙位于孟加拉湾和Vashista Godavari相遇的地方,使其令人难忘。Lakshminarasimha Kalyana Mahotsavam从Magha Sudha Saptam金沙真人探球平台i到Magha Bahula Padyami庆祝。

  • Key Attraction:Kalyanamof the Lakshminarasimha Swamy.
  • 什么时候:February-March.
  • Where:Antarvedi.
  • 节日的持续时间:One day.

15. Visakha Utsav:

Visakha Utsav由州政府组织,是安得拉邦著名的文化节之一。这个节日可帮助您探索印度南部的文化,并持续四天。金沙真人探球平台这个节日的亮点是几次遗产之旅,服装展览,花店,传统手工艺品,体育赛事和文化展览。人们大量见证了这一事件。

  • Key Attraction:Cultural shows, Sports events, Traditional crafts.
  • 什么时候:End of December.
  • Where:R.K.Bridge, Visakhapatnam.
  • 节日的持续时间:四天。

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16. Rayalaseema Food and Dance Festival:

Rayalaseema Food and Dance节是您享受安得拉邦Rayalaseema地区的文化,工艺和食物的正确地方。许多人通过聚集在Rayalaseema地区聚会来参与展览和展览。因此,想要享受真实文化和食物的人不应错过这个节日。

  • Key Attraction:正宗的当地美食和文化表演。
  • 什么时候:十月。
  • Where:Chittoor.
  • 节日的持续时间:Nine days.

17. Lumbini Festival:


  • Key Attraction:Buddhist art, culture, tradition.
  • 什么时候:十二月。
  • Where:Nagarjunasagar.
  • 节日的持续时间:Three days.


Holi is known as the festival of colour. It is celebrated in the month of Phalguna. This occurs in March in the English calendar. This is the time when all the people drench one other with paint and coloured water. The use of multiple colours in this festival stands for the oncoming of a good and bountiful spring harvest.

India is a country of diversified cultures and traditions. This article gives you a glimpse into the famous festivals and fairs of Andhra Pradesh that people of this state celebrate with great enthusiasm. Mark the celebrations you want to experience in the calendar, and plan your trip around the time. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

1. Where Can You Experience the Significant Festivals of Andhra Pradesh?

ANS:All the major festivals are celebrated with pomp and enthusiasm all over Andhra Pradesh. But some places in this state prominently present the beauty of some of the major festivals.

  • Makara sankranthi in Guntur.
  • Ugadi in Vijayawada.
  • Vinayaka chavithi in Kanipakam and Machilipatnam.
  • Lumbini festival in Nagarjunsagar.

2. What are Some of the Special Dishes Prepared During the Festivals of Andhra Pradesh?

ANS:Every festival has food preparations that are unique to that festival. For example, rice kheer, pulihora, Pongal, ven Pongal, rice kheer, and sakinalu are some festive recipes prepared by Andhra Pradesh.



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